• MTX TX812 and TX815 subwoofers are now available

    The baby brother of RFL, as they share many characteristics of the RFL subwoofers. These subs might as well be the best deal you can get! Play LOUD and CLEAR all day long is what they are made for!

  • MTX RFL12 and RFL15 Subwoofers are now available

    44years ago MTX invented the Car Audio subwoofer. Back than people said we’ re crazy. Now we introduce the new RFL12 and RFL15, the subwoofer re-invented. Using the latest technologies and the best materials, the specs and performance of these subwoofers are from another planet.

Top Product

  • RFL4001D

    Class D Mono Block amplifier 1x 4000W @ 1Ω CEA

Top Product

  • iX1

    High-end high definition high isolation over-ear Head-phone

Top Install

  • Peugeot 205

    This phenomenal project started from ... nothing ! The guys at Elegance Tuning did a great job. The car was on the MTX booth at the 2004 Sinsheim Show. 25 magazines made a report on it ! A kind of super star.
  • VW Lupo SPL

    This VW Lupo from Hervé is build by Pro Styling in Strassbourg. Made to compete in SPL competitions.
  • Mercedes ML

    Mbark Boussoufa soccer player for RSC Anderlecht (Belgium) needed some serious sound installed into his new Mercedes ML.
  • Honda Civic

    Extreme Audio - MTX Distributor for Hungary. Extreme Audio is also the best way to describe the newest MTX demo car for Hungary.




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