• MTX iX1 tested by PP Garcia at Qobuz

    PP Garcia from the site that has the highest definition of Hifi, :-) has tested the MTX iX1 on ear headphones. 

    It is not easy to stand out in a market... in this case sturdiness is the right word. MTX knows their strength and it can be found in the iX1 headphones. Taken out of the box the race is on. Build from racing car materials the sturdiness shows, they look cool, feel great and they can be endlessly folded! Out of the first turn we go full throttle into the straigth, great noise isolation, amazing sound, defined bass and very high audio texture. Passing the finish line with a well worth price of € 149


  • Didier from DynamicHomeCinema speaks about MTX iX1 at

    Super interview with Didier Autric for the site, Didier is founder of Dynamic Home Cinema in Marseille and has a great passion for music and art. He talks about the MTX iX1 headphones and obviously he loves it for its noise isolation, for its sound quality, for its design and for its build quality. The best moment is when Didier said it should be possible to use it during sports... Yeah! Didier sure you can try and use it during sports :-)

Top Product

  • RFL4001D

    Class D Mono Block amplifier 1x 4000W @ 1Ω CEA

Top Product

  • iX1

    High-end high definition high isolation over-ear Head-phone

Top Install

  • Buggy

    What happens when you mix MTX and a Hammerhead off road GTS150?

    You get the loudest Buggy in the world.
  • Opel Astra Tornado

    Tornado MTX distributor for Romania have build an incredible new demo car to demo the top notch quality of MTX products through out Romania.

    Tornado took an Opel Astra Coupe as host for the new MTX system.

  • Chevy S10 "THUNDERFORCE"

    This is the most impressive MTX Pick-up in Europe ! It is the demo car from Signat Electronics. We can say it is an impressive one ! A slammin’ MTX Audio system and cool air brushed MTX Motorsports and Thunderforce logo’s.
  • Opel Astra

    This impressive MTX install in a Opel Astra from "Doppie" is build to turn heads by the impressive sound levels it can generate.