• New MTX 2014 Brochure

    Finally! The new 2014 MTX brochure is ready, and it features the best products MTX has ever offered! From the new High End RFL amplifiers to the newest RoadTHUNDER powered enclosures. From the Extreme RFL subwoofers to the price efficient TERMINATOR sub. Even the new TX6.BMW factory replacement speakers are already featured in this top notch brochure.

  • Mini Clubman by Carsounds NL, from Stock to Rock

    Imagine being the proud owner of a new MINI Clubman and the original sound system just isn't doing it for you... Who do you turn to when you live in the Netherlands? Carsounds in Etten-Leur (NL) is one of those veteran specialists who knows exactly how to solve this problem : From Stock to Rock!!!

Top Product

  • RFL4001D

    Class D Mono Block amplifier 1x 4000W @ 1Ω CEA

Top Product

  • iX1

    High-end high definition high isolation over-ear Head-phone

Top Install

  • Alfa 147

    This white Alfa is not just your average Alfa but an Alfa 147 Ducati Corse CUP. This means it has 170 HP!!! With all that power you will need a sound system that can keep up : MTX Audio.
  • Opel Vectra

    When Ronald thought about getting the right Audio for his ride the only real compliment to his nice styled Opel Vectra could be a complete MTX install.
  • Hyundai Tiburon

    This is the first demo vehicle with the new MTX Audio products.

    The car was introduced at the Playboy mansion.

  • Renault Super 5 "The Myth"

    Installer and shop owner Jesús Marín Saez turned his
    Renault Super 5 into a phenomenal demo car nick named "The Myth".
    MTX Audio products were chosen to make this car sound incredible.