• MTX TX6.BMW replacement speakerset for BMW & Mini now available

    BMW famous for its extraordinary cars, its built quality, its performance engines, its reliability…
    But when it comes to the audio system… there is a problem. Good news, we have the solution to turn what sounds like a 50 years old radio into a state of the art high end hifi sound. Let us introduce to you : The MTX TX6.BMW 3-way component system!

  • MTX iT1air tested in iCreate magazine

    iCreate magazin has tested the brand new MTX iT1air dock station. The opening line describes what the test is all about : “A new manufacturer takes up the challenge to offer the best iPhone dock on the market. Mission accomplished?” The conclusion of the test is the best you can get : “In the end, the MTX iT1air wins the bet for best iPhone dock.”

Top Product

  • RFL4001D

    Class D Mono Block amplifier 1x 4000W @ 1Ω CEA

Top Product

  • iX1

    High-end high definition high isolation over-ear Head-phone

Top Install

  • Ford Fiesta Zetec

    Mark Lewthwaite, 23 years old, from Northern Ireland. Is just a regular guy that loves good sounding car audio, for this reason alone there was only one place the install was gonna get done, Audio Advice in Belfast.
  • Chevy Escalade Dual Jackhammer

    This Chevy Escalade is the first demo car featuring two MTX Jackhammer subs.

    Where lots of people on the planet think one Jackhammer in a car is already "too much" wait till you had a chance to experience this Escalade with two Jackhammers.

  • Fiat Panda SPL

    The MTX SPL Fiat Panda from Erik and Rien. Has proven in 2005 that  ASC and MTX are among the loudest cars in the dBdrag arena.
  • Alfa 147

    This white Alfa is not just your average Alfa but an Alfa 147 Ducati Corse CUP. This means it has 170 HP!!! With all that power you will need a sound system that can keep up : MTX Audio.