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    Universal Bluetooth receiver with remote control

Top Product

  • RTP8x3

    360W RMS Class-D triple Ø20cm (3x8") vented powered enclosure

Top Install

  • VW Golf II G60

    When Simon got his Golf II G60 he had a very precise vision about the future of the car.

    Styled in a way that would make any German jealous with so much power burning rubber would be standard. And on the inside slick Black leather and a sound system that could match the horsepower of the engine.

  • VW Golf III

    MTX Dealer Audio Advice from Scotland had only one goal in mind when they started on the VW Golf III from Stuart:

    "To be the loudest car on the streets in Scotland!"

    To realize this they contacted the "mad scientist" and "The Godfather" to come up with an insane MTX system that would make any other system on the road crumble.

  • Toyota Landcruiser

    Brian’s Custom Audio from the Netherlands is know for his attention to detail and quality of each install. Of course it is no wonder that Dutch Pro Soccer players are hooking up with Brian’s to get their cars fitted with top notch car audio installs.
  • Opel Astra Tornado

    Tornado MTX distributor for Romania have build an incredible new demo car to demo the top notch quality of MTX products through out Romania.

    Tornado took an Opel Astra Coupe as host for the new MTX system.




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