Top Product

  • RFL4001D

    Class D Mono Block amplifier 1x 4000W @ 1Ω CEA

Top Product

  • iX1

    High-end high definition high isolation over-ear Head-phone

Top Install

  • BMW S3

    Manuel Antonio García competes with his Orange BMW at the IASCA competitions in Spain.

    Manuel has selected the best products he could find so he can be a leading competitor in the Spanish IASCA scene.

  • Daihatsu Sirion2

    This fantastic MTX install in the new Daihatsu Sirion from Oscar not only excells in superior sound, the finish and attention to detail is incredible.
  • MTX Chevy Cobalt

    With a complete new line of subwoofers and amplifiers introduced for 2014 the need for a car to show case the new sound of Thunder was more than evident!

    Coming up with a mind blowing, gut pounding demonstration car is not an easy task. 

    Fortunately the master installers at MTX HQ this is what they do best. The limits of what they can do are the limits of their immagination. 

  • Chrysler Neon Jackhammer

    Sound Factory from Spain is the proud dealer who can say they were the first ever to finnish a Jackhammer demo car in Europe.

    Sound factory took a tuned black Chrysler Neon and turned it into a new home for Jack.




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