• The new MTX TX2275 and TX2450 are available

    The new MTX TX2275 and TX2450 amps are brilliant from a sound quality point of view and from a construction quality point of view. They are highly musical and very easy to fit anywhere due to their small size. The power stages are working in Class-AB mode. It ensures a smooth and musical sound. The state-of-the-art MOSFET power supply delivers breathtaking power and sound.

  • For AVcesar, the new MTX iWa250 is "Jubilant"

    "Jubilant": This is the qualifier used by AVcesar in the MTX iWa250 multiroom amp super test.
    But that's not all... They gave a eceptionnal 6 stars rating to the product... Here are some sentenses extracted from this brilliant test report :

  • 2017 MTX presentation in Moscow by Bonanza

    An other fantastic training organized by Bonanza, the MTX exclusive distributor in Russia, took place in a very nice hotel&spa in Moscow suburbs. The meeting lasted for two days, from April 6th to 7th.

  • The new MTX iWa250 and iWa225 wireless multi-room amplifiers just arrived

    Reset your landmarks ! The new MTX iWa250 and iWa225 wireless multi-room amplifiers just arrived and they are about to deeply simplify (Change ?) the way we are used to listen to music at home, in a restaurant or in a shop.

Top Product


    Motorcycle Universal 6 Speakers All Weather Handlebar Sound System

Top Product

  • TX480D

    4-channel 480W RMS class-D wide range amplifier with complete variable x-over

Top Install

  • The-A-Team MTX GMC Vandura

    Whether you remember the classic TV show from the 80' or the recent Hollywood film, everyone loves the A-Team... This series was about a wrongfully convicted US Army Special Forces unit that always took care of people that needed their special skills. The truck they were using was exposed on the CES 2017 MTX booth, but this time, it was loaded with sound... and still some guns :)

  • Opel Vectra

    Ronald is not new to MTX as he already has a showcase with his first MTX install, so here is V2.0.
  • Renault Mégane Coupé

    What a crazy painting job ! With this extra large Mégane coupé, be sure evryone will look at you in the street. On top, they will hear you coming !

    The sound system is completely new, Franck and ProStyling just finished it the night before the Paris Motor Show started.

  • Honda Civic "Rise of the Machines"

    It took Alejandro and his team over a year to build this phenomenal install using: 6x TH942 amps, 2x T9512-44 superwoofers and 2x 10" MTX T8000 sub-woofers.




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