For the third year in a row Michigan Tech University created the COOLEST HOT music party in the snow!

    Each year the students of Michigan Tech University make all sorts of snow sculptures to celebrate the Winter Carnival. The highlight of the past years Carnivals was the ICETHUNDER sculpture. This year was no exception! 

    And we all know the word THUNDER stands for MTX Audio products.


  • MTX at ISE 2014

    For the first time ever MTX exhibited at the ISE show in Amsterdam. The ISE show is an annual show for Commercial and Integrated sound market.

    ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) is one of the busiest trade shows in Europe, when you are involved in commercial sound this is the place to visit to get all the news and keep up with the latest trends.

    MTX was proud to introduce the MTX IWA225 Bluetooth amplifier and IWS165 in-wall/in-ceilling loudspreaker.

Top Product

  • RT50.4M

    4-Channel MicroTHUNDER amplifier 4x 40W RMS CEA @ 4Ω

Top Product

  • RT8PT

    Powered tube Ø20cm 120W

Top Install

  • Nissan Roniz

    If you want a LOUD car audio system MTX has what it takes! Technic Car Audio from Iran found that out the hard way. They wanted to go "Real F*#%$ng Loud" so the only way to go for them: Use two MTX RFL152 in special designed vented enclosures.
  • Mercedes ML

    Mbark Boussoufa soccer player for RSC Anderlecht (Belgium) needed some serious sound installed into his new Mercedes ML.
  • Hyundai Tiburon

    This is the first demo vehicle with the new MTX Audio products.

    The car was introduced at the Playboy mansion.

  • Ford Fiesta

    Andy Elbrett from the UK joined Team Source, the competition team from Source Sounds in Sheffield, as their dBdrag member. Now he has grown in the team and has a serious SQ car. But Andy’s Fiesta is not just like any other SQ car.