• TX8652 test by Carmus (RU) : "They can easily compete with home speakers up to 2000€"

    The MTX TX8652 speakers have been tested by Carmus, the most pasionnate caraudio website ever seen... Carmus doesn't just give a mark ; they talk about each detail, each feeling with precision. They really spend time - hours and hours - testing and writing their impressions... And it is a delight to read them. Here is an example : "To be honest, I've been surprised, I did not expect these speakers to be so comfortable and well balanced. As a result, instead of the usual 20-30 minutes listening test, I stuck for several hours, and even then I kept the speakers for several days, listening to familiar compositions and even albums entirely."

  • The new MTX RTT8P 8" 140W RMS powered tube is available

    The new MTX RTT8P is available ! This 8" 20cm Class-D powered tube is the most remarkable powered enclosure of our line. So much bass from a so small enclosure is simply incredible. This is a phenomenal tool to reproduce a perfect level of bass in a car : small, easy to fit, very easy to install and high performances... You can't ask for more at that price level..

  • RFL12 test by Car&Hifi (DE) : "This is really pure fun"

    The MTX RFL12 superwoofer has been tested by Elmar Michels from Car&hifi... As already said, this is maybe the best car audio magazine in the world. 30 years of uncompromising test reports. When they give you a medal for something, there are some good reasons why... The RFL12 has been ranked "Absolute Spitzenklasse" and "Very Good price/value"... Boom...

  • The New MTX RTT12AV 12" 4Ω 350W Vented Tube Enclosure is Available

    The new MTX RTT12AV is available ! This is our most efficient bass maker. It is a tube vented enclosure equiped with a powerfull 12" 30cm subwoofer. This shape is really the best for deep bass and dBs... Its power handling is 350W RMS, but as usual, we tested it in much harder conditions... :) So this is the perfect tool to be heard before being seen... At very reasonnable cost.

Top Product

  • RTF10P

    10“ Shallow Sealed 200W RMS Class-D Powered Enclosure

Top Product

  • iWa250

    2x50W RMS Wireless Hi-fi Multiroom in-wall Airplay DLNA Upnp Spotify Direct Amplifier

Top Install

  • Toyota Landcruiser

    Brian’s Custom Audio from the Netherlands is know for his attention to detail and quality of each install. Of course it is no wonder that Dutch Pro Soccer players are hooking up with Brian’s to get their cars fitted with top notch car audio installs.
  • Fiat Panda

    ASC from Holland has a well known History and many people know them as the "Masters of SPL".

    Now the newest members of TeamASC: Edijan & Arno show another side of TeamASC, The "show" side with their SQL Fiat Panda.

  • Chevrolet S10 "Xtreme"

    This is one of Mitek’s most Xtreme and Outrageous demo vehicles to date.

    From the special paint on the outside to the Thunderin’ audio system inside. This car looks cool and plays clean, low and loud!

  • VW Golf III

    MTX Dealer Audio Advice from Scotland had only one goal in mind when they started on the VW Golf III from Stuart:

    "To be the loudest car on the streets in Scotland!"

    To realize this they contacted the "mad scientist" and "The Godfather" to come up with an insane MTX system that would make any other system on the road crumble.




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