Test MTX iP3 portable stereo speaker @ CineNow

The MTX iP3 portable speaker has been tested by CineNow (France). They've been impressed by the design, the construction and the sound quality of the product. Here are somme choose sentences from this test report :

"This MTX iP3 is a good illustration at every levels"

"Impressive sound qualities with a very good sense of music"

"MTX technical choices make it possible to surpass certain recognized brands" (Bose)

"Aluminum finish and smart connectivity: it is a very attractive product"

"The smart speakers position favors the stereo effect and above all, it gives a much deeper bass than on other competing product"

"It emerges a beautiful musicality with power and dynamics"

"The depth is there, without excess - The highs are well reproduced - The midrange has a great intensity"

"Its look is a clever blend of audio requirement and modern aesthetics"

"MTX Audio IP3, a lot of energy to spare!"

After this, it was difficult to get the sample back from CineNow… 😎