ix3 icn 02
Multiple iX3 units can share an audio source using 3.5mm Input/Output.
ix3 icn 04
To make the iX3 sound quality exceptionnal, we used a high quality Ø40mm wide range speaker. Sound quality is just amazing.
ix3 icn 06
Both the left and right 3.5mm inputs function the same way.
ix3 icn 01
Super Flexible Unbreakable stainless steel headband... You can twist it as much as you want... You can adjust the pressure as many times as you want...
ix3 icn 08
Exceptionnal sound isolation thanks to large, super sealed and comfotable foam earcups.
ix3 icn 10
Universal lightweight mic+remote control, compatible with Apple® and Android® OS. Integrated remote allows user to play/pause and track forward/backward music as well as answer/terminate phone calls.
ix3 icn 12
Flat tangle free cable
ix3 icn 14
90° angled aluminum jack plug.
ix3 icn 16
Durable high quality protective carrying bag included.
ix3 icn 18
Sensitivity : 113dB (1mW) - Impedance : 32Ω - Frequency response : 10Hz-25000Hz

MTX iX3 UpTech Test Report : "Impressive audio quality" "Indestructible construction"...

2017-12-06-couv-test-iX3-@-Uptec 250px
Here are some choosen sentences from the test report :
"High quality sound for an indestructible headphone!"
"The little iX3 delivers an impressive audio quality with powerful and accurate sound!"
"The indestructible structure comes together with high quality audio performances"
"The over-ear design is specially simple and uncluttered"
"The head-band is flexible and unbreakable"
"It's well-designed, robust, and ready to face everyday life"
"The MTX Audio iX3 is very light on the head thanks to its light weight"
"We quickly forget his presence once installed on the head"
"Very nice to wear"
"The comfort of use is also sensitive when you adjust the headband"
"The sliding on the headband is done with an irreproachable fluidity"
"The iX3 is perfect and easy with all type of music"
"The bass is deep and precise, without masking the highs and the vocals"
"In a nutshell, the headset is as efficient in sound as it is lightweight and robust in design."
"The iX3 is a head-phone at unbeatable value for money"
"The iX3 makes shade to its competitors, it easily finds a place on the podium of the best headphone of the moment."

Link to the test report on the UpTech website.

MTX iX3 Ear Test Report :
"Top Sound"
"Highly styled and ultra tough"

iX3 earin 250px
Here are some choosen sentences from the test report :
"Top Sound"
"Highly styled and ultra tough"
"It sounds dynamic, pushes the bass without unduly exaggerating, and offers a good resolution."
"The soft pads are comfortable to wear"
"The MTX iX3 is a fun headphone without sacrificing sound quality"
"The MTX iX3 is a "always-like-it" headphone, that one likes to carry, one likes to wear on the ears and one likes to listen to music with."
"Price/Performance: very good"

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