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The MTX iWa250 is smart, small, practical and very efficient. Its uncompressed wireless connection without sound quality loss, its line input and its fiber digital input (Toslink) make it universal and super compatible. Its all-aluminum construction used for cooling and its Lilliputian size allow the iWa250 to hide in a wall, a ceiling or in a furniture. All you need is power to make music anywhere. Thanks to iOS/MacOS/Android applications, it is possible to make a multiroom installation and control independently several iWa250, iT1air, iT1mini. The IR remote control works even in-wall thanks to the IR sensor on 75cm cable. We use a direct digital amp technology. There is no DAC, no loss and no noise. The sound is clear, musical and dynamic.

For example, you can connect the iWa250 between your TV and your bookshelf speakers on line-in or Toslink. When you turn on the TV, the amp will switch on to TV. If you send music from your smartphone, it will turn to wi-fi and play your music. The iWa250 plays music anywhere, easy...

With Spotify Direct, the iWa250 will contact the Spotify music servers directly for a smooth continuous music stream. Your cell phone becomes only a remote control (and not a streaming device). You don't drain your battery.

Specifications :

  • Power :
    - 2x25W RMS @ 8Ω 0,1%THD+N
    - 2x50W RMS @ 4Ω 0,1%THD+N
  • Inputs : Wifi, RCA and Toslink
  • Remote :
    - IR with 75cm cable
    - Software (MacOS, iOS, Android)
  • Power supply : 100~120V - 200~240V, 50 - 60Hz
  • Dimensions : 20x8x8cm

Features :

  • So small that you can hide it in ceilings, walls or furnitures
  • Triple universal inputs (Wireless Airplay DLAN UPNP, Toslink optical fiber, Analogical on RCA)
  • Multiroom available with multiple iWa250, iT1air, iT1mini
  • All aluminum quality construction Hi-Fi quality sound IR and software remote
  • Spotify Direct for an enhanced streaming experience

Diagram Example :

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Owner's Manual

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2x25W RMS Wireless Hifi in-wall Bluetooth Amplifier


8“ 8Ω In-Wall speakers (20cm) with design flat square grills


6.5“ 8Ω In-Wall speakers (16,5cm) with design flat square grills


High-End Hifi dock station, 180W RMS, 6 speakers, 6 amps, 6 DSP channels, Apple® Lightning® Airplay® compatible.

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