Specifications :

  • RMS Power : 120W
  • Max Power : 360W
  • Impedance : 4Ω
  • Frequency response : 46Hz - 32kHz
  • Sensitivity : 91,0 dB/2,83v/1m
  • Tweeter diameter : 28mm
  • Woofer diameter : 16,5cm
  • Woofer depth : 66mm

Features :

  • Exceptional High-End hifi sound quality
  • 28mm Silk dome tweeter with neodimium magnet
  • Woofer with light weight fiberglass cone and rubber surround
  • Oversized motor structure
  • High power 38mm aluminium TIL voice coil
  • Aluminium frame in same design as for TX8 subs
  • High-end passive x-over design with air core coil and dual polypropylene capacitors
  • Tweeter attenuation with L-pad
  • Screw less x-over design
  • Grilles included
  • Great power handling
  • Exceptional High Sound Quality

Description :

The benchmark high-end component system everyone has been waiting for. The extended high frequency range of the tweeter will reveal every dimension in the music. The extended low end of the midwoofer will allow seamless integration with a subwoofer, creating exceptional midbass. The powerhandling makes sure this system can keep up with a high power subs like the TX812 or TX815.


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Customer Feedback (1)

  • Yannick
    18 March 2016 at 18:39 |

    Love at first sight. Hello everyone, a week ago I installed in my Mercedes Vito the new MTX TX8652. It is a 2 way 16,5cm compo set with crossover and 28mm tweeter. I connected it as follow : Source : Airport Express upgraded for 12 volts use. Optical output connected to the Mosconi 6to8 digital to analog processor, connected to a good old MTX TH280 from 1995 !

    Listening session : What emerges immediately is the feeling that the woofer and the tweeter are one. They speak from one single voice, there is one sound source only. The phase between the midrange and the tweeter is just fantastic. Quickly, you forget the speakers and you dive into a beautiful acoustic bath. The high frequencies is going straight and super high with a remarkable intensity. When playing Jazz, the cymbals are simply incredible. The reproduction is wide open, highly detailed, the timbres are fantastic with a sense of detail that I had not heard since a very long time. Brushes on snare gives you the goosebumps, and voices are of realism !!!!!!
    On Rock songs (AC/DC, Metallica), the dynamic is so impressive that it takes you to the concert… This compo system is wwwwaahhoooo

    Now the battery solo test. It is my favorite… Boom… snare shots make your eyes blink. The cymbals are amazing while the general dynamic is breathtaking.

    Well you got it, it's a real love at first sight.

    MTX finally returns to the front of the stage and it reminds me of the BlackGold series from the 90s. The MTX TX8652 is a worthy replacement.

    Writing this article is good, but going back to listen to music is better :). I will soon prepare bookshelf hifi speakers with these great new MTX TX8652 speakers.

    To be continued…

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