Specifications :

  • Class-D 4-channel amplifier
  • CEA2006 certified power
    - 4x 80 watts RMS @ 4Ω et THD+N ≤1%
    - 4x 120 watts RMS @ 2Ω et THD+N ≤1%
    - 2x 240 watts RMS bridged @ 4Ω et THD+N ≤1%
  • Active x-over
    - High-pass (HPF) 12dB/Oct variable from 40Hz to 400Hz
    - Low-pass (LPF) 12dB/Oct variable from 40Hz to 400Hz
  • Signal/Noise ratio (1 watt) : >80dB
  • THD+Noise (Distortion) (1 watt) : ≤1%
  • Frequency response (±1dB) : 5Hz-30000Hz
  • Input sensitivity RCA : 200mV to 6V
  • Dimensions : 125mm x 215mm x 50mm
  • High and low level inputs

Features :

  • Highly efficient Class-D wide range amp for speakers and subwoofers
  • Very compact size for an easy installation
  • 2Ω stereo and 4Ω bridged compatible
  • Top quality components (Elna caps, IRF Mosfets)
  • 12dB/Oct flexible x-over
  • Impressive sound quality and dynamic
  • Full aluminum construction
  • Thermo regulated fan connector (for one or two external fans)

Best way to use it :

The TX480D delivers an exceptionnal output power : 480W RMS. You can use it as a four channel amp for the front and the rear speakers. You can also use it in an active front system. The most usual way will be as a 3 channel amp (front + sub). We recommend to use quality speakers like MTX TX4, TX6 or TX8. For the subwoofer, we recommand to use a RTE12AS, RTT12AV or a RTF10P enclosure. Note that if you bridge two channels, the impedance of your subwoofer can't be lower than 2Ω.

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Owner's Manual

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