Specifications :

  • 4-Channel Class-AB wide range amplifier
  • CEA2006 certified Power Output :
    - 4x75W RMS @2Ω and THD+N ≤1%
    - 4x50W RMS @4Ω and THD+N ≤1%
    - 2x150W RMS bridged @4Ω and THD+N ≤1%
  • Crossover :
    - High pass 12dB/oct, variable from 50Hz to 120Hz
    - Low pass 12dB/oct, variable from 50Hz to 120Hz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (1 Watt) : > 73dB
  • THD+Noise (Distortion) (1 Watt) : ≤ 0,2%
  • Frequency Response (±1dB) : 10Hz-60000Hz
  • Maximum Input Signal : 6V
  • Maximum Sensitivity : 200mV
  • Dimensions : 220x135x52mm
  • High level inputs
  • Optional EBC remote control (EBC-1)

Features :

  • Wide range Class-AB amp for speakers and subwoofer
  • Bridge mode for a subwoofer or an enclosure
  • Optimized for 2Ω loads in stereo and 4Ω loads in bridge mono
  • 12dB/Oct high-pass or low-pass x-overvariable from 50 to 120Hz for speakers or subwoofer
  • Full aluminum construction
  • Optimized for RTE12AS, RTE12AV, RTF10AS, RTT12AV, TR12AV, RT10AS, RT12AV
  • Optional EBC remote control sold separately (Reference : EBC-1)

Example of use :

Drawing-TX2275-TX2450-install 480px

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Owner's Manual

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