Monday, 03 November 2014

TX6 subwoofers now available!

You know its all about da bass, bass, bass!

The #1 thing MTX is known for is BASS. Earth shaking BASS. MTX invented the car audio subwoofer in 1981! And in 2014 MTX re-invented the car audio subwoofer. The first line of car audio subwoofers to hit the streets is the TX6 line. Now available from your nearest car audio Bass specialist.

 The new TX6 subwoofers come in 2 sizes: a 12" TX612 and a 15" TX615. Both subwoofers are single voice coil 2 Ohm subwoofers. Designed to team up with the modern Class-D amps each subwoofer has a two Ohm impedance to get every last Watt of power from your Class-D amp. Glass fiber cone with stitched cone to surround. Extra large excursion and high temperature 2.5" voice coil.

Introducing a new way to measure the real power of a subwoofer : BBR. BBR is given in volts and stands for the point when a subwoofer stops making bass and starts producing distortion. The BBR of the TX6 = 48V. (As a reference point the BBR of the old MTX T9515 = 45V).

1x TX6 subwoofer is designed to be optimum driven by a RT500.1D

1x TX6 + 1x RT500.1D = Power Stage 1

More details about the TX6 subwoofers here

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