Friday, 08 June 2018

The new MTX TX4 speakers are available

The TX4 speakers are a milestone for MTX. We never spent so much time and energy on speakers - Except maybe the TX8... We re-started two times from scratch to reach the best possible. Today, we give you the best possible product and the best possible sound quality at this price level... Period. :)

We made some important efforts for TX4 :
• We rose the efficiency more than 5dB compare to the RTS speakers. It is an impressive modification. The sound is close to an high efficiency speaker, but with a lot of bass.
• We used super light paper cones, to help the efficiency and the softness of sound quality.
• We coated the paper cones with small silver plated pieces of sand to make the sound smoother.
• We put an aluminum phase plug in the center of the woofers to remove the stationary waves and reproduce a clear light midrange.
• We used giant strontium magnet structures to make the speaker quick and powerful… Usually, we are serious about magnets. Here we went really far… It helps the efficiency and the sound dynamic.
• We developed a new 25mm silk dome tweeter with neodymium magnet. It is powerful and pushy, without any aggressivity
• We used a 6db/Oct x-over on the tweeter and on the woofer to leave the music alive, wherever the speakers will be installed.
• We use a high quality polypropylene cap in the X-over to keep the tweeter quality at its best.
• We equipped the x-over with two tweeter levels to always get the right balance between the tweeter level and the woofer level.
• We equipped the x-over with a PTC (Thermistor) to protect the tweeter when the customers are a little nervous.
• There is no screw on the x-over, only fasten, to ensure a perfect durable easy connexion.
• We used our MTX powder coated steel frames. The frames are 1mm thick to avoid any vibration, and the black powder coating acts as a damper for the frame.
• We used 25mm Till TSV voice coil for a great sound quality and a large power handling.
• As usual, two grills are included in every gift-box.
• The sound quality is amazing at that price level… Maybe the best quality/price ever !

Here is the TX4 speakers line up :
  • TX440C: 4“ 10cm two way 60W RMS
  • TX450C : 5.25“ 13cm two way 70W RMS
  • TX465C : 6.5“ 16,5cm two way 80W RMS
  • TX469C : 6x9“ 16x23cm two way 100W RMS
  • TX450S : 5.25“ 13cm two way separate 70W RMS
  • TX465S : 6.5“ 16,5cm two way separate 80W RMS

You can jump to the product pages here.

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