Wednesday, 20 September 2017

TR65C test by TalkStuff (UK) : "Astonishing"

The MTX TR65C speakers have been tested by Adam Rayner from Adam has been an experimented editor for ages, he was an IASCA champion some year ago and he is now an official Emma judge. In one word, he is an expert in sound... He tested the incredibly competitive TR65C speakers. Its verdict is strayght : "Astonishing value for money" "I'm impressed by these speakers"... Boom...

Here are some chosen sentences from the article :

  • "Big performance with great high frequency details"
  • "Remarkably high-performance tweeter"
  • "Astonishing value for money"
  • "Clean sound quality with control"
  • "Effortlessly better than any single speaker sold in Halfords"
  • "Cretinously a no-brainer decision for £39.99"
  • "These look muscular, well made, not stinting upon materials, and with an excellent design appeal"
  • "Value For Money 10/10"

Please take a look at the complete article here.

There is also a video that comes with the test report. Just click on the picture below :)

talkstuff video 680px





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