Tuesday, 02 July 2013

This time its personal!

The brand new MTX Streetaudio iX1 on ear headphones are now available.

MTX is all about music and bass, being louder than the other, be heard from a distance and play longer than the rest. This time its different this is the new side of MTX,... THIS TIME ITS PERSONAL!

Bringing you all that you know and love from MTX but on a personal level.

Crisp clear sound never before found in on ear headphones, bass extension beyond your wildest dreams and very comfortable to wear. All the great features on these headphones came to live during an extensive design period resulting in a pair of headphones based around a unique 40mm widerange papercone driver.

To satisfy everyone we included a dedicated Apple wire with original Apple remote and mic and a second wire for android and other devices. And it doesnot stop here, these headphones are personal but still give you all the freedom you need. You can plug your audio cable either in the left or in the right earcup. If you are with two and want to listen to the same device, the iX1 can be daisy chained as each connection on the earcups is both inout and output!

Personal audio never was this great! MTX STREETAUDIO iX1 comes in 4 stunning colors.

More details on iX1

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