Thursday, 11 July 2013

TechnologyTell MTX iX1 test report : "The music goes from black and white to full color"

MTX iX1 reviewed by

"MTX: Most famous for their great sounding car audio components, they entered the headphone market and came up with something awesome."

"They look great, sound even better, and most importantly, are tuned with the car audiophyle in mind. In other words - they rock!"

Just a few first impressions  from had about the MTX iX1. Some more quotes:

"On the looks end, a sleek aluminium band wraps around the exterior of the headphones for structure, while two well-designed hinges (you know, the clever kind that could only be invented by car audio installers) allow the unit to fit into its hard-shelled carrying case."

"The real story here is the beautiful bass extension you get with a headphone that traps the small space of air around your ear into an enclosure. These headphones have more bottom-end pow than a Kardashian sister yoga pants fashion show."

"The music goes from black and white to full color"

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