Wednesday, 21 June 2017

For AVcesar, the new MTX iWa250 is "Jubilant"

"Jubilant": This is the qualifier used by AVcesar in the MTX iWa250 multiroom amp super test.
But that's not all... They gave a eceptionnal 6 stars rating to the product... Here are some sentenses extracted from this brilliant test report :

"MTX really offers a new sound management concept"."The power stages (...) deliver an amazing sound quality".
"The iWa250 even pays the luxury of keeping up with other products (...) from famous Hi-Fi brands sold at much higher prices but lacking the multiroom feature, the network feature and the ease of use"...
"MTX has managed to contain its price and the iWa250 proves to be an excellent value for money".
"In the end, the MTX multiroom network wireless iWa250 amp is therefore alone on its niche" 

Clic here to browse the test report on AVcesar web site (In French).

Clic here to go to the product page.

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