Friday, 28 September 2012

TERMINATOR Bass Solution Now Available

The past year has seen a major increase in the demand for real Bass Solutions. The MTX RT8PT and RT12PT set MTX ahead of all others when it comes to real Bass from a easy to install enclosure with build in amplifier.

Bass as only MTX is able to deliver is what people want. Unfortunately more and more modern cars do not permit you to place a LARGE bass enclosure with a separate amplifier, trunkspace seems to have shrunk over the years! The OEM radio's of the same cars can also give the owner/installes headaches trying to connect amps and subs to them.

With the powered tubes life of the modern Basshead is made alot easier. An all in one package with guaranteed MTX bass in the end.

The new TERMINATOR TR8PT is the latest Powered tube Bass Solution. Small enough to be installed in the smallest trunk and still have room left for groceries! Yet powerfull enough to fill the car with bone rattling MTX BASS!

More details on the TR8PT

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