Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The new MTX RTU8P Underseat Powered Enclosure is available

Please welcome the missing link : the RTU8P is the first MTX underseat powered enclosure ever. As we were not the first, we took time to make an incredible product with a fine balance between bass quality, power, price and design.

The sealed enclosure is made of thick aluminum. It is rigid and very durable, it doesn't fear kicks when installed under a front seat. The 8" (20cm) subwoofer is a shallow high output version and it was designed to play as loud as possible in this small 6 liters load.

The 150W RMS amplifier is using a class-AB topology to ensure a perfect radio reception when installed in the car, close to the head-unit. Its output power is high compare to the competition because we are MTX : we want our customers to spend a good time with their MTX, and of course, because we invented the word "BASS".

The control panel is full featured with the high level inputs (Auto turn on, no remote cable needed), the low level inputs, the gain control (0,1V to 4V), the bass boost (0 to +12dB), the 18db/Oct low-pass x-over variable from 50Hz to 150Hz , the phase switch (0° or 180°) and the EBC (External Bass Control) remote control port. Nothing is missing, you can adjust the bass how you prefer and whenever you want...

But as usual, the most important is the sound quality... When you'll turn on the RTU8P, the first thing you'll say will be "waooow... So much good bass out of this small enclosure ???"... We are used to... Even internally :)

You can jump to the product page with this link.

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