Monday, 09 October 2017

The new MTX RTT8P 8" 140W RMS powered tube is available

The new MTX RTT8P is available ! This 8" 20cm Class-D powered tube is the most remarkable powered enclosure of our line. So much bass from a so small enclosure is simply incredible. This is a phenomenal tool to reproduce a perfect level of bass in a car : small, easy to fit, very easy to install and high performances... You can't ask for more at that price level..

This new version is equipped with a 140W RMS Class-D high efficient amplifier. Power, SPL but not too much heat or power consumption... At on top of all this, it now features a limiter so you can play as loud as you want, without any risk for the subwoofer voice coil...

It is also equiped with our new 8" subwoofer. Super strong, nice looking, playing fast and deep

RTT8P / TRT8P important features

  • The RTT8P is 7dB louder that the previous RT8PT
  • 8" 20cm powered subwoofer tube enclosure
  • High power output : 140W RMS and 420W Peak thanks to the highly efficient Class-D amplifier.
  • Deep, smooth bass that is quick enough to stick with the front speakers. It is easy to make them sound perfect.
  • High quality construction :
  • Powerful 200W RMS 8" subwoofer with extra large magnet and electroplated brushed PP cone
  • Powerful 140W RMS Class-D mono amplifier with limiter to be able to use 100% of its power without any fear to break
  • 16mm thick tube with resistant dark grey carpet
  • Extra strong power and RCA connectors for maximum reliability
  • The EBC remote control is included
  • High and Low level inputs for any type of connexion
  • At 25°C, the amp never turns to thermal protection thanks to its Class-D high efficiency and its large integrated heatsink.
  • All the connectors are located at the right place to make an easy installation.
  • We developed the subwoofer, the amp and the enclosure together for maximum performances.

The RTT8P is the replacement of the RT8PT, with much better features, more power and sound quality.

RTT8P : RT for RoadTHUNDER, T for Tube, 8 for 8", P for Powered.

Click here to jump to the RTT8P product page.

May the Bass be with you !

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