Thursday, 21 September 2017

The New MTX RTT12AV 12" 4Ω 350W Vented Tube Enclosure is Available

The new MTX RTT12AV is available ! This is our most efficient bass maker. It is a tube vented enclosure equiped with a powerfull 12" 30cm subwoofer. This shape is really the best for deep bass and dBs... Its power handling is 350W RMS, but as usual, we tested it in much harder conditions... :) So this is the perfect tool to be heard before being seen... At very reasonnable cost.

RTT12AV : RT for RoadTHUNDER, T for Tube, 12 for 12" 30cm, A for 4Ω, V for Vented...

The pressure you can get from this enclosure is impressive. The long X-max allows the subwoofer to move lot of air and the large motor structure controls the cone with strength. 350W RMS is already a descent number, but we tested it with larger power... 

At the same time, as a well calculated enclosure, it is able to make a fantastic sound quality. Soft and precise, the bass reproduced by the RTT12AV is always at the right rhythm.

The impedance is set at 4Ω to be fully compatible with our TR275, TR450, TX2275 and TX2450 power amplifiers. If you use one of these amps, you'll just have to bridge two channels to perfectly power the bass machine... Simple et performing...

Click here to jump to the RTT12AV product page.

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