Wednesday, 08 July 2015

RTP8x3 : the new triple 8" sub powered enclosure is available

Bang Bang ! The new RTP8x3 triple 8" powered enclosure is here... Is this the best possible box for power and fineness ?

MTX always hits harder... The RTP8x3 is the most adorable little powered subwoofer enclosure... Watch these 3 beautiful 8" subwoofers working together... They are so cute in their small footprint box... Cute, as long as they don’t move... Because as soon as they bump, they are radical... The music comes alive in the car with strength and determination. It goes fast and it's going low in frequency. They follow and obey their master, the super class-D 360W RMS 1000W Peak mono amp integrated on the side.
Super easy to install (no hole, no screws, no cutting of factory cable, connectors located near the ground to be easily oriented, back enclosure following the shape o fthe back seats), super well finished and built (MDF Extrusion for greater rigidity, super resistant carpet, Aeroport noiseless vent...). It even comes with an EBC remote control.
Here is the product sheet.

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