Thursday, 09 November 2017

The new MTX RTE12x2DV dual 12" 700W RMS vented enclosure is available

What an enclosure ! The new MTX RTE12x2DV is available ! It is impressive, deep and loud. It is equiped with two high performance 12“ subwoofers loaded in a vented reinforced MDF enclosure. The level of efficiecy of this enclosure is exceptionnal. With the right amp, the bess is unparalleled... As usual, you can't get more at that price...

RTE12x2DV : RT for RoadThunder, E for Enclosure, 12 for 12“ subs, x2 for dual subs, D for 2Ω, V for Vented... Easy no ?

RTE12x2DV important features :

  • The RTE12x2DV is 5dB louder that the previous RT12x2DV... Yes...
  • Dual 12“ subwoofer for a better power handling
  • Extraordinary bass level
  • Exceptional SPL level at that price
  • Amazing power handling (700W RMS - 2800W Peak...)
  • Enclosure allowing to be heard before being seen...
  • Port located on the side of the enclosure for a deeper bass and a better corner effect
  • Two 12“ high performance subwoofers loaded with MTX technologies (ALDS, SPV)
  • Subwoofers optimized and built for this enclosure
  • Strong 19mm MDF construction with inside reinforcements, rubber gasket, push terminals, quality protective carpet
  • Recommended amp : TX6500D

The RTE12x2DV is the replacement of the RT12x2DV, with much better features, more power handling and a better sound quality.

Click here to jump to the RTE12x2DV product page.

May the Bass be with you !

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