Wednesday, 27 June 2012

RT500.1D Now available

High efficient Class-D, stays cool while the Bass hits HARD!

The all new Class-D version of the RT500.1 hits hard, delivering power to the connected subwoofers all day long while staying cool!

High Efficiency Class-D Mono Block design with performance written all over it. Need to drive 2x RT12-04 subwoofers? Do not look any further the RT500.1D is the perfect match for these subs. Or if you want to power 1x T612-44 or 1x T615-44 or 1x T812-44 or 1x T815-44 or 2x T610-22 or 2x T810-22 or ..... In short this is a small POWERHOUSE able to drive almost any subwoofer !!! 

Not so strange since its the baby brother of the RT1000.1D : in size, in power, but most importantly also in design.

Check out all the details of the RT500.1D

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