Friday, 02 August 2013

Polaris off-road choose MTX for production of Ground Breaking Off-road sound systems!

the ultimate off-road audio experience

When you are the leading manufacturer of off-road vehicles and you want to give your customers the "Ultimate Off-road Experience", what do you do?

You get in contact with the mad scientists of the 12-Volt industry : MTX Audio.

Polaris Industries Inc., the leading manufacturer of off-road vehicles, did just that and the result is a Ground Pounding partnership. The first product range is a 3 stage audio solution for the new 2014 Polaris RZR® XP1000. The partnership between Polaris Industries Inc. and  MTX Audio was announced at Polaris' annual dealer show in Washington, D.C.

The Polaris Premium Audio System is an integrated audio solution for the new RZR® XP1000 that offers a unique sound experience developed with the performance off-road rider in mind.  "Polaris is known for the most innovative development in off-road technology and they wanted an audio partner that would exceed their expectations in both sound quality and smart design," said Cyndie Nelson, MTX Audio's OEM Innovations Group Manager, "the Polaris Premium Audio System showcases the MTX signature sound, giving RZR® XP1000 riders the ultimate off-road audio experience."

The 3 stage Polaris Premium Audio System solution : 

step 1 - Overhead Audio front enclosure

step 2 - Subwoofer package

step 3 - Add-On Audio rear enclosure.

The Overhead Audio system is the heart and mounts directly to the front roll bar. It includes a 120W amplifier, 6.5" component speakers and a source unit. A special dry box compartment is the ideal storage location i.e. for your smartphone as it includes a USB charging port. 

The Subwoofer package is the real Ground Pounding element it can be installed in the lower front passenger compartment. It includes a 400W amplifier and 10" high performance shallow mount subwoofer. The Bass produced by this package brings the music to life and is as Ground Pounding as a ride with the 2014 Polaris RZR® XP1000.

The Add-On Audio system completes the Off-road Audio mayhem and mounts directly to the back roll bar. It includes a 120W amplifier and 6.5" component speakers. Since storage and Off-road vehicles are not the best of friends it also has a dry box compartment to storage small items and gear.


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