Friday, 13 June 2014

Now available MTX RFL4120 Class AB 4 channel amplifier

Paris - France

Introducing the new Reference RFL4120 Class AB 4 channel amplifier. At MTX we know how to build powerful amps, we have proven that many times! This time we took the amplifier to a whole new level. We created a 4 channel amp that is powerful but, also the most musical amplifier you have ever listened too. High End audiophile car audio is back and it is HOT, becoming more popular every day. Enter the universe of the all new RFL series of High End amplification.

Designing a top notch amplifier that amplifies the source signal in the most purest form free from coloration is not the easiest task. At MTX this was not enough, the new RFL4120 had to become the best 4 channel amplifier MTX ever produced. This amplifier is the new Reference when it comes to High End in car sound systems.

It comes with a flexible complete active crossover to meet all your configuration options. It can be used in 4, 3 or 2 channel mode. Full active or just powering a non compromises front + subwoofer system. Audiophiles around the globe will be stunned by the performance of the RFL4120 amplifier.

Next to being a star in the SQ range, this amp also shines when it comes to the popular SQL (Sound Quality Loud). Able to produce 4x 120W RMS @ 4 Ohm at very low THD. The perfect partner for the RFL4001D subwoofer amplifier.

The RFL4120 Class AB 4 channel amp is now available from our European warehouse.

More details of the RFL4120 here!

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