Saturday, 30 July 2016

The new MTX high tech TX amplifiers are available

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The Top Of the Tech new MTX amplifiers are available. They use the same schematic diagrams as the prestigious RFL serie, with only a lower power...

But same components quality (International Rectifier, Elna...), same incredible build quality, same speed of sound (amazing slew rates), same sense of musicality, same flexibility (Bridge mode is easy), same damping factor (>500!!!), same efficiency (>90%), but so small that you can fit them in the glove box !

Welcome the TX480D, TX81000D and TX6500D. 

TX480D is an amazing 4-Channel small amp tuned with nitro. He can ouput more than 500W RMS total... Enough for two separated speakers at the front and a subwoofer at the back. 

TX6500D is the perfect companion for the TX612 or TX615 subwoofers. They've been designed to fit together. One amp one sub... Simple.

TX81000D is the perfect companion for the TX812 or TX815 subwoofers. They've been designed to fit together. One amp one sub... Again, simple.

But if you want to push even harder, you can use a second TX6500D or a second TX81000D in bridge mode to double the output power. Your new TX mono blocks can grow with your needs.

If your amps are going too quickly into thermal protection (they so small compare to the output power they deliver), you can ad one or two 12cm fan and connect them to the special thermo regulated connector on the amps. Yes, yes... we love hot places too :)

For more detail, visit the product pages here.

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