Sunday, 11 December 2016

The new MTX TR amps are available

The new TR amps outclass the 2012 versions. Better design, better construction, better sound quality, better power, better... everything :).

The TR450 and the TR275 are build on the same production line as the prestigious RFL and the high tech TX amps. They are designed by the same engineer also. Even more... we used the same heat-sink as the TX amps.

The TR275 is more powerful is bridge mode than theTR600.1 (220W RMS Vs 200W RMS), it can drive our 4Ω single sub enclosures even better. But of course, the TR275 is designed also for your front speakers.

The TR450 is designed to play in 4-channel (4 speakers) or 3-channel mode : 2 front speakers (TRS TR TX2 TX4...), and one 4Ω subwoofer or 4Ω enclosure on the two last channel in bridge mode. Their compact size ensures a very easy installation. Glove box, under the carpet, under the seat... Everything is possible. The x-over is ready for speakers and subwoofers. The high and low level inputs are flexible enough to be compatible with every source.

The TR amps rocks... at an incredible price !

For more detail, visit the product pages here.

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