Monday, 12 December 2016

The new MTX S65 square subwoofers are in our warehouse...

The MTX square subwoofers are back and ready to square off ! Welcome the MTX S6510-44 and the S6512-44. From every point of view, they are improved.

We kept the patented surround geometry (US #7,275,620) that enables increased Xmax for increased volume displacement and SPL output, we kept the stell frame, but anything else is new and better than the T6000S.

The S65 is our 3rd square subwoofer generation and the new features are awesome. The S65 Series is designed for enthusiasts that want to add extreme bass to their system. With more surface area than a standard round subwoofer and patented corner geometry that increases Xmax, the S65 square subwoofers deliver exceptional volume displacement that translates to exceptional SPL.

The woofer features dual layer cooling technology with Spider Plateau Venting technology that utilizes the subs movement to cool it as it plays and a radial ribbed t-yoke dissipates heat away from the voice coil through the back plate, so it doesn't overheat even under intense use. We used a 2.0" high temperature copper voice coil with 4 layers to be sure that it will rock hard.

The dual 4Ω voice coil allows to work under 2Ω (Parallel wirring - optimised for a TX6500D), or 8Ω (Serail wirring - for multiple sub system).

These subwoofers are made pump loud connected to one MTX TX6500D. One subwoofer, one amp. Simple.

For more detail, visit the product pages here.

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