Sunday, 11 December 2016

The new MTX RTF10AS enclosure is available

You know the story :) : “RT“ for RoadTHUNDER, “F“ for Flat, 10 for 10“ (25cm), “A“ for 4Ω and “S“ for sealed. The new MTX RTF10AS is an easy to fit flat sealed 4Ω 10“ 300W RMS 19mm MDF enclosure.

A flat enclosure is a chalenge. The depth of the enclosure makes bass usually week. We worked hard to sound as good as a regular deep enclosure...

We used a special cone design to make more room under the cone to raise the X-max as high as for a regular subwoofer. You can imagine that is is not so easy with a shallow speaker where room is very limited in the direction where we need it. Remember that the cone is going front/back ; and this is where the enclosure is thin : complex !

We also used a high temperature 2“ voice coil to face the high power (300W RMS) and a very strong 18mm MDF sealed enclosure. The result is amazing. Deep and precise bass. A real pleasure easy to fit behind any seat...

In one word, the RTF10AS quality price ratio is unbeatable

For more detail, visit the product pages here.

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