Sunday, 11 December 2016

The new MTX RTE12AS enclosure is available

“RT“ for RoadTHUNDER, “E“ for Enclosure, 12 for 12“ 30cm, “A“ for 4Ω and “S“ for sealed. The new MTX RTE12AS is a small sealed 4Ω 12“ 350W RMS 19mm MDF enclosure. 

You can't get more for the price... With more than 1000W peak power, 350W RMS, a bass extention going as deep as 23Hz, a sound precision like noother, the new MTX RTE12AS is from far the best in its category.

Extra large magnet, 2,5“ aluminum voice coil, coated paper cone, the subwoofer and the enclosure have been developped to work together for a perfect result. The rubber gasket hides all the screw for a better look. The spring terminal allows a quick and easy installation. The slope at the back of the enclosure fits perfectly the back seats. The MTX stitched logo ensure a high quality design.

The RTE12AS is highly effcient and easy to use.

For more detail, visit the product pages here.

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