Friday, 23 June 2017

The new MTX TX2275 and TX2450 are available

The new MTX TX2275 and TX2450 amps are brilliant from a sound quality point of view and from a construction quality point of view. They are highly musical and very easy to fit anywhere due to their small size. The power stages are working in Class-AB mode. It ensures a smooth and musical sound. The state-of-the-art MOSFET power supply delivers breathtaking power and sound.

The x-over is very complete and it is the same for each channel. It is high pass - low pass, variable from 50 to 120Hz @ 12dB/oct. If you’re a little lost with adjusting the x-over, the gain potentiometer is equipped with a "click" position at 80Hz. You can not go wrong with this, as this position works fine for most of the systems.

To minimize noise issues, we have equipped our two new amps with balanced inputs. It perfectly isolate the audio ground from the amp ground, so the noisy amp ground doesn’t mix with the clean pure sound. It is a high-performance technique usually used on very high-end amps.

The heatsinks are all fully aluminum made. They are the same as those used for their glorious elders the TX81000D, TX6500D and TX480D. The finish does not suffer from any criticism. They give a definitely high-end image and an efficient cooling solution.

If needed, you can get an optional remote control (EBC-1). It allows you to adjust the level of the subwoofer with a simple analog control, sitting in the front seat.

If you do not have RCA inputs on your head-unit (this is what always happens with stock head-units), you can use the high-level inputs that connect to the speaker cables. It is simple easy and very robust.

And maybe the most important now… Prices ! They are amazing for this level of quality… MTX does not skimp on quality...

Clic here to jump to the TX2275 product page.

Clic here to jump to the TX2450 product page.

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