Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The new MTX RTF10P 10" flat sealed powered enclosure is available

The new small flat sealed 10“ 200W RMS Class-D powered enclosure is available. This is a very smart tool to get a perfect bass in your car without any installation troubles or lost room...

F for Flat
10 for 10“ 25cm
P for Powered...

As usual, we took the time to do it right. We built an excellent 10" shallow subwoofer, with an x-max similar to a regular sub. The cone moves as much as he needs, the mechanical limit is no longer the problem... Its power handling is upper 300W RMS. And it makes a huge difference with the poorly designed ~150W "wannabe" speakers.

We used our famous 200W RMS extra efficient class-D integrated amplifier. It is equipped with a compressor to be able to use it at 100% without any danger for the subwoofer. You can still pump up the volume... the output power remains 200W :). The 18dB/Oct x-over is set to 80Hz. It always works perfectly... And when you switch on the product, you have immediately the perfect bass response. No need to be a sound engineer here. The amp is incorporated on the side of the enclosure to make the installation as easy as possible. The cables are the right place.

The size of the enclosure is really compact. With only 8cm at the top, it is really easy to fit it behind a seat or in a trunk. Bass and still available room... This is not so common...

Click here to jump to the RTF10P product page.

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