Monday, 21 January 2013

The new Triple sub MTX RT10X3DS enclosure is available

MTX is back with a triple subwoofer enclosure. The RT10X3DS is a sealed enclosure loaded with three 10" subs.

If you were born in the 90’s (or later), you cannot remember the triple subwoofer enclosures from MTX (T510X3, T410X3, T610X3...). At that time, it was a revolution in SQL... It was the very first enclosure able to play loud and clean. Loud thanks to the 3 subs wired in parallel (more power handling, more cone are to move air)... Clean thanks to the reduced diameter (lighter cones means faster also), and thanks to the sealed, precise, deep and clean sounding enclosure.

For all the others, please welcome the long waited revised version of this legendary enclosure.

The new RT10x3DS is loaded with special designed 25cm (10") subwoofers. They’ve been developed to play loud and clean in this particular enclosure (non other one). The enclosure is sealed. The construction is 19mm MDF. The sides are carped covered with large MTX stitched logos. The midle part is nonyl covered. The finish is very nice. The power handling is as high as 600Wrms, and the impedance is 2Ω to perfectly fit with the RT500.1D for example...

Here is the product page of the RT10X3DS

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