Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New RoadTHUNDER speakers available now

Rock your socks off!

For years RoadTHUNDER speakers have been known for there excellent sound and value for money. What if we can give you even more Sound Quality and more THUNDER at the same price? Now that is music to anyones ears! The new RoadTHUNDER coaxial and separates speakers have arrived. 

With electroplated finished polypropylene cones for improved sound quality. New 25mm silk dome tweeters for the RTS separates give more details and crystal clear highs with better power handling than ever before. 25mm voice coils and heavy strontium magnets on the RTC coaxials and RTS midwoofers create more BANG! The new RTC coaxials come in 4 sizes : 

  • 10cm 2-way
  • 13cm 2-way
  • 16,5cm 2-way
  • 6"x9" 2-way, with dual tweeters

Powerhandling reaches a mind blowing 360W max on the 6x9 speaker. 

The new RTS Separates come in 2 sizes :

  • 13cm 2-way
  • 16,5cm 2-way

With powerhandling upto 320W max for the RTS65 you can be sure these will...

Rock your socks off!

Check out all the details of the new RTC RoadTHUNDER coaxials and RTS RoadTHUNDER separates

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