Thursday, 04 March 2010

New MTX THUNDER6000 speakers now available

Paris - France

THUNDER6000 speakers have a tough job replacing the old THX and THS lines. Since the introduction of THX and THS these speakers turned out to be one of the top selling MTX speaker lines. With incredible price/performance ratio.

No wonder it took MTX engineers years to come up with worthy replacements that easy surpass the price/performance ratio of THX and THS: THUNDER6000 Coaxials and Components.

- Glasfibre cones
- Rubber surrounds
- 25mm Silkdome tweeters
- MTX original steel baskets
- Impressive Motor structures
- High Quality filter components

A complete line of Coaxials from 10cm 2-way upto 6"x9" 3-way coaxials. Power ranges upto 480W. The 10cm 2-way coax has an incredible sonic performance, like a very compact component system. The 6"x9" 3-way coax not only looks good but also has a very wide frequency range from 27Hz to 25kHz. Its a speaker that actually plays Bass tones.

The Component sets basicly look like baby brothers of the High End THUNDER8000 speakers. The CNC machined Alu phaseplug in the middle of the glassfibre cone of the midwoofer lets nobody wonder about the quality of these sets. Musical Excellence with MTX POWER.

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