Thursday, 04 March 2010

New MTX Sledgehammer enclosures now available

Paris - France

After the tremendous succes of the original slotported enclosure from MTX : The SLEDGEHAMMER. MTX introduces for Europe the second generation of Sledgehammer enclosures.

The new Sledgehammers are "unloaded" which means they will come without the woofers, so you can choose which MTX subwoofer you want to fit in you Sledgehammer.

Another new feature, Sledgehammer enclosures are now also available for the MTX Square subwoofers!

And to top everything we have included with each enclosure nice hex screws for mounting the woofer(s) in your Sledgehammer.

If you want to play LOUD give your woofers only the best enclosure : MTX SLEDGEHAMMER.

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