Monday, 07 July 2014

MTX WET77 and WET65 Marine speakers now available

The new MTX WET77 and WET65 speakers are designed to be extremely weather resistant and outdoor proof. Making sure you can enjoy the high performance and awesome MTX sound no matter where you are! 

Marine Audio describes audio components that are utilized in environmental conditions where water, humidity, or element exposure is prevelant. - In other words specialized products that garantee you will be able to enjoy your favorite music as loud as you want and crystal clear no matter where you are, on your boat on the water or driving your favorite off road in the dirt and mud. -

The WET77 and WET65 coaxial speakers are from the second generation MTX Marine products. These speakers are designed to be used in any environment. They feature :

- Water resistant polypropylene cone

- Sealed ABS basket which also protects the internal motor structure

- Silicone insulated tinsel leads

- ASA grille with UV inhibitor that is durable and won't fade over time

The MTX WET77 and MTX WET65 coaxial Marine speakers are now available from our European warehouse.

More details on the MTX WET65 Marine speakers

More details on the MTX WET77 Marine speakers

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