Tuesday, 30 November 2004

MTX training at Sound around the car

Vienna - Austria

Saturday November 27th there was a MTX training at Sound around the car MTX distributor for Austria.

20 key dealers in Austria were trained on MTX audio products on what can be called a "MTX Audio Saturday". Starting outside with the display of the MTX Audio demo Mini equiped with 1x Th1004 amp, 1x TH1501D amp and 2x T7510-04 Superwoofers. Inside all MTX products on display. But that was not all! All cigarettes were lit using Limited addition MTX lighters. And the during the Lunchbreak a real "MTX Lunch" was served. To get everyone really running with MTX energy all day long the "MTX Energy drink" was served. To finish the day off the "big boys" were invited for a mini MTX motorsports event: MTX Audio pro-slotracing.

A great training day in Austria!

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