Monday, 10 January 2005

MTX T9922-22 : The biggest sub on earth

Las Vegas - USA

During the CES 2005 in Las vegas, the MTX team presented the most powerfull subwoofer ever made : 10000W, 22", 150Kg!
The Thunder9922 Jack Hammer 22” subwoofer includes features like:
Carbon fiber and glass fiber dust cap with aluminum honeycomb center
Expanded polypropylene cone with mica filler for reduced mass and increased stiffness
FEA designed Progressive roll spider with 10 AWG integrated tinsel leads woven in to allow for 2.5” of linear cone movement one way
900 ounce strontium ferrite magnet with extended magnetic field gap technology and aluminum shorting ring
6.5” voice coil with a flat wound, long-excursion design incorporating 2.5” of x-max and 17 AWG high temperature aluminum wire
Aluminum heatsink to maintain the optimum voice-coil temperature
10,000W rms music power
94dB sensitivity @ 2.83 volts

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