Wednesday, 04 December 2013

Original Upgrade Tricks - MTX T6C693 crushes Lexus OEM 3-way system

Accuracy, Details, linearity, Bass all from a 6x9 coax set

How to elevate your factory sound system to an incredible music experience using MTX speakers.

The owner of this Lexus SC430 was far from satisfied with his OEM sound system.

The problem however there was to be no alterations to the interior of the car to solve this. The Lexus has an OEM 3-way system with a 6x9 speaker for bass located in the bottom of the front door.


After some listening tests with the Mark Levinson OEM system the decision was to do something unexepected and exchange the original 6x9 bass speaker with the MTX T6C693 3-way coaxial set. Disconnect the OEM midrange and OEM tweeter and rewire the system so the T6C693 receives a fullrange signal.

A fairly easy job with an incredible result!

Bass, midrange and highrange loudspeakers are now all located very closely together and because the distance of all left and right loudspeakers are changed, a music miracle happened in the car. Staging and imaging for both front seats has improved dramatically. Combine this with the very linear and detailed sound caracter of the T6C693, a diffrence of night and day compared with the original system is still an understatement.

With the T6C693, bass is detailed, deep and punchy. Mids and highs are crystal clear and full of detail. The system transformed from an OK to listen to soundsystem into a audio system you just want to experience and listen to all day long. A take your best music recordings and feel the emotion of each note played.

Link to MTX T6C693 coaxial speakers

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