Friday, 21 July 2006

MTX SLHT5512x2D Sledgehammer takes first place

Zoetermeer - Netherlands

At a sunny Sunday July 16th a dBdrag competition was held in Zoetermeer Holland. Daniel Doppert competed with his Seat Cordoba and MTX install in the Ministreet B category.

Ministreet B means: maximum 2x 12" and you have to play a certain music track for 30seconds.

Daniel who entered the competition for fun with his original MTX SLHT5512x2D sledgehammer enclosure powered by a MTX MXA8001 amplifier went out of his mind when he found out that his Sledgehammer was the loudest of his class playing music! With a very good 140,1dB he gained the first place trophy playing Music.

Congratulations Daniel!

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