Thursday, 05 March 2015

MTX RFL12 and RFL15 Subwoofers are now available

The subwoofer re-invented and its Really F**king Loud!

44years ago MTX invented the Car Audio subwoofer. Back than people said we’ re crazy. Now we introduce the new RFL12 and RFL15, the subwoofer re-invented. Using the latest technologies and the best materials, the specs and performance of these subwoofers are from another planet.

Our goal during the development was to design the ultimate subwoofer, able to reproduce music in a way you never experienced before. Able to reproduce bass so powerful you never imagined was possible. With a Qts around 0.40 and resonance frequencies around 30Hz, the new RFL12 and RFL15 are able to play music with POWER and Definition.
Available in 30cm (12’’) and 38cm (15’’) respectively RFL12 and RFL15. Each subwoofer has a single 2Ω voice coil. We tortured these subs during our reliability tests for hours with more than 3000W RMS and they never broke! The reason these subs are able to handle extreme amounts of RMS power is the Ø10cm (4”) copper clad aluminium flat wire voice coil. Aluminium to keep the weight as low as possible, copper for power handling, Ø10cm to be able to dissipate heat as quick as possible. The magnet structure reflects the power and performance of these subwoofers, its insane and weighs 25kg. The magnetic flux is build up between two huge plates of 35mm thickness. This creates a huge 35mm long powerful linear magnet field, this huge magnet field gives extreme control of the voice coil traveling through it. A magnet field of 8mm is very common for subwoofers when we compare the 35mm with the 8mm of the older MTX T9500 subwoofers they seem fragile… To further increase cone controle we used double spiders, screwed into the basket for more precise adjustment. It also makes re-coning these subs more easy (re-cone kits are available). There is a double cooling system for the voice coil with a vented pole piece of the magnet and big air vents under the spiders this creates a powerful and continuous airflow around the voice coil. The chassis is based on the frame of the older T7500 and T8500, out of that chassis we created a highly reinforced frame, the weight of the frame went up from 1.2kg to 3kg. If you want an extreme powerful subwoofer you do not compromise on the strength of the frame! Each RFL is delivered a wood crate so each will arrive in optimum condition, it needs to be mentioned that the RFL12 weighs 36kg and the RFL15 weighs 38kg…

These extreme subs have been designed to be teamed with the RFL4001D amplifier.

Lets not forget the most important spec of these subwoofers: The Experience. Extreme bursts of concentrated pure energy, every stroke is a high impact body punch making you gasp for air before the next stroke hits you. There is no match in the impact and experience of bass to the performance of the new RFL subwoofers.
These subs are true their name: Really Fucking Loud!

Get all info on the RFL subwoofers here

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