Monday, 04 July 2005

MTX Renault 19 awarded "Best ICE-Car"

Birmingham - UK

Sunday 3rd of July the MTX Renault 19 16V from Audio Advice was awarded "Best ICE-car at Max Power Live 2005".

After 2 years of building and designing the car, it was finally presented to the public at Maxpower Live 2005 in the NEC in Birmingham, UK. The MTX Renault reflects everything MTX stands for: Fun, Design, Highest performance and Team work. The system design was created by: Phil from Audio Advice, Chris from BBG and Jacco from Mitek Europe. The entire system was installed by the Audio Advice crew and airbrushed by Simon from SM Designs. The car has a Sound Quality setting for audiophile listening and another a complete 5.1 Surround setting for movies. For the Ultimate Bass experience the third setting in the car is an everything goes Bass Demo. The car can be operated by the Headunit in the dash controling 2 DVD players and a Hard Drive or it can be operated from outside the car through a laptop computer.

Phil (Audio Advice): "This car turned out even better than I expected"

Chris (BBG): "This car is awesome. It has it all: Looks, Sound and Power"

Max Power: "Unbelievable that a democar can actually do Music, 5.1 Surround Sound and Impressive Bass demo without switching off any amps but just by a touch of a button. This is absolutely one of the most impressive demo cars!"

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