Monday, 20 December 2004

MTX Presentation for Okcu Oto Muzik Dealers

Istanbul - Turkey

Okcu Oto Muzik was founded in 1960 as a specialist in car electrical systems. After a stay in the US that allowed him to get first hand experience, Savni Okcu brought his skills to the company as the first importer of US manufactured high end car hifi products.

He began the distribution business in 1992. Today, the name that offers the widest range of products is MTX and Savni Okcu saw this was the brand of the future with 18 amps, 40 models of subwoofers and 52 different models of enclosures.

The first Mitek presentation in Turkey took place on December 6th with 19 dealers attending. It lasted 3 hours with subjects covered such as: the history of Mitek Corporation, current presence of Mitek in the US, Europe and Asia, amplifier and subwoofer product ranges and their respective technologies. Okcu Oto Muzik expects to see the MTX brand to become a major presence in the Turkish market in 2005 due mostly to the strong range of products, the technology and most important, the reliability. “It gets pretty hot here in the summer with temperatures reaching above 40C for days at a time. Hard to win an SPL contest in such conditions if the amps can’t hold up” says Savni Okcu.

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