Friday, 02 December 2005

MTX present at the Spanish IASCA Finals

Valencia - Spain

Signat, the MTX distributor for Spain was present with a booth at the Spanish IASCA Finals. MTX products were on display as well as 2 magnificent demo vehicles.

A Blue Renault Clio with a Sledgehammer T9512x2D and MXA amplifiers and the incredible Thunderforce Chevy S10 Pick Up, which was chaperoned at the finals by a "breath taking" girl friend...

During the SPL competition one of the most fun competitions was the "Monster Class" small home made cars with only a battery amplifier and subwoofer trying to hit the highest dB-score. The MTX "Monster car" posted an amazing score of 164,9dB using only 1 small 8" T5500 subwoofer.

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