Monday, 09 October 2006

MTX JackHammer on MTV Pimp My Ride

The most extraordinary subwoofer on earth in the most insane show on TV ! A moment you should not miss...

The MTX 12.000W subwoofer has been installed for the very first time during the August Pimp My Ride show. You have to see it to believe it. The customer said "I don’t believe this part, I don’t believe that !" A crazy show. Xzibit can really say that the guy has been officially "PIMPED"; It made Boom, 60 times per second! Now they all know what we can do...

For those who don’t know PMR (is there anyone out there who doesn’t?), it’s a show where a junked out car is turned into the most wonderful set of wheels to be seen in (same story as Cinderella)

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