Tuesday, 06 January 2015

MTX iX1 headphones Incredible Test result at iphonophile.fr

Nico from iphonophile.fr shares with us the results of what might be the best test to date of the MTX Audio iX1 headphones. "The MTX Audio iX1 headphones are simply the best headphones I've tested in recent years."

and that's not all ... "The sound, the durability and all the small detalis, they make this model a reference".

About the quality: "The materials used for the iX1 are not like the breaking plastic parts from many headphones we saw pass on the test bench."

About the comfort: "Another advantage of iX1 is its isolation from outside noise, by the use of wide, soft foam cushions on the speaker caps."

His conclusion: "I must admit that I heard instrumental parts I normally could not hear" and "I am captivated by the MTX Audio iX1, for balance and sound accuracy but also for the practical details."

What a test! Thanks Nico.

You can read the original French article on iPhonophile.fr

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