Tuesday, 29 July 2014

MTX iX1 among the 5 favorites of AudioVideoHD.fr

Great article about the MTX iX1 on AudioVideoHD.fr

Their shopping guide highlights 5 great products each year. Exceptional products.

This year MTX Audio iX1 is among these top 5 with very complementary remarks, specially when it comes to the quality of the bass performance. The conclusion just says it all : MTX Audio iX1 is a great product that shows passion. A headphones with a strong image, the right features, a great product from ear to ear. 

You can find the original article in French online here.

Below is the translation of the article.

AudioVideoHD.fr :

Widely known and recognized in the car audio, the American manufacturer MTX Audio unveiled at the last CES a range of personal audio products, consisting of a high-end wireless speaker and headphones : the iX1. Designed by the French team from MTX / Mitek Europe, we must say that after a few of listening to the iX1 the result is even more surprising.

The first good surprise comes from the quality of the finish, a very good quality, with an arch from durable aluminium and plastic earcups with leather pads, very nice and soft. The unit build quality is solid, specific at the hinges too often these hinges are fragile in this price range, and very comfortable which makes it pleasant for evry day use.

Its a given, the iX1 is not a neutral or too soft headphones, although this is not easy to say as there are no fully comparable competitors. The first asset is the quality of the bass performance, no need to talk about the cliché "bassheavy" it hits hard, dry and clear. This is even more enhanced by the overall performance, really impressive for headphonesin this range, very good isolation and very low distortion as long as you do not push the volume to the extreme. The "live" feeling and quality control determine the price. Nontheless the headphones deliver a clear, detailed full bodied sound and a lot more interesting features.

The MTX Audio iX1 is a great product that shows a impressive passion. It is a headphones with a strong image and the right features. It is a great product from ear to ear. A real bargain, one of the few you could find around 150€.

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