Wednesday, 04 March 2015

MTX iT1air tested by PP Garcia @ Qobuz

Qobuz is the Mecca of sound quality. This is certainly the best sites about download and streaming HD tracks in the world. Having a test done by them is not without risk. Nothing will escape their attention, they know it all.

After a week with the iT1air, PP Garcia gives his verdict : "We are stunned", "MTX Audio iT1air is one of the most incredible products ever tested on these pages", "We are talking High-End Audio with powerful amplification here"!

And, it continues ...
“The construction strength leaves you speechless", "We can sit on it without bending it", "its a bottomless tank of decibels!", "In the field: its an earthquake in dB"
To up it a notch "Qobuz highlights the ease and how natural this product holds up during fortissimo in the recording, nor the electronics, nor the 6 loudspeakers show signs of distortion, the immediate effect is that it gives life to the music as if it breathes."

"It is no lie the bass is impressive but, we do not mean were dealing with a brute here ; the finesse in the treble is real, tangible and enjoyable.

In conclusion, Qobuz positive points are numerous:

  • "Robustness"
  • "Flawless construction"
  • "High end materials"
  • "Serious Bass"
  • "Power"
  • "Clear and accurate mids and highs"
  • "24/192 AirPlay WindowsMedia DLNA streaming"
  • "Remote Control"
  • "Sober design that sets the tone"

There is nothing missing with the iT1air... All parts are listed here:)

There are two or three negative points such as the 10kg weight (that is the outcome of using quality speakers, a powerful power supply and a construction without compromise), or the absence of BlueTooth (too destructive for sound quality). But for us, these are also positive points :)

Read the original article in French here

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