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MTX iT1air tested in iCreate magazine

MTX won the challenge to build the best dock

iCreate magazin has tested the brand new MTX iT1air dock station. The opening line describes what the test is all about : “A new manufacturer takes up the challenge to offer the best iPhone dock on the market. Mission accomplished?” The conclusion of the test is the best you can get : “In the end, the MTX iT1air wins the bet for best iPhone dock.”

Here is an English translation of the text:

A new manufacturer takes up the challenge to offer the best iPhone dock on the market. Mission accomplished?

• Dock compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad mini
• Lightning connector, USB and 3.5mm
• Six built-in speakers
• 180W RMS power
• Dimensions: 530 x 150 x 150 mm
• Weight: 10 kg

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MTX Audio, specialist in high-powered amplifiers and speakers for car with many fans in the tuning scene, enters the niche market for iPhone docks.

The iT1air (its name) wants to establish itself as the gold standard of the market, no more, no less! In terms of design, the North American manufacturer is not standing out in originality. Fully covered in brushed aluminum, this impressive machine looks more like a home theater center speaker created on a sickle. However, the all-metal finish stands for strength and raw power! The cloth grilles effectively camouflage six speakers. Each one has its own DSP and amp! With 2x15W for the tweeters, 2x25W for the midranges and 2x50W for the subwoofers, sums for a total power of 180W RMS! The good news continues, as the iT1air has wood internal enclosure with infinitely better acoustic characteristics than the proletarian aluminum ...
On top, a wide slot with a lightning connector to accommodate an iPhone, iPod or iPad mini. Good point, the connector is mounted on a ball joint so it adjusts to the thickness of your iDevice. However, the location cannot fit an iPad air, which is a shame. It will connect to the USB port available on the back of the iT1air or AirPlay mode. As its name suggests, the dock is compatible with the Apple wireless standard. Configuration and AirPlay pairing are particularly simple. It is enough to connect your mobile or tablet to the Lightning jack. Press the Wireless button on the front, and a notification appears on the iPhone screen, inviting you to share the WiFi connection of the iPhone. On the audio part, iT1air also does the job. The power is impressive for a dock! A delicate point for a stereo dock for iPhone, spatialization. The manufacturer has had the good idea to position the speakers to the right and left of the frame, which greatly expands the sound scattering angle in a room. The intrinsic quality of the sound is excellent, by far the top of the bill of the best docks on the market. The sound is well balanced and the bass present. This dock deserves high quality encoded music in formats such as Lossless, or rather, the HD Audio 24 bits. Lower, the effects of excessive compression with MP3 are audible.

In the end, the iT1air wins the bet for best iPhone dock. Still in the niche of AirPlay speakers, we still prefer the Kef X300A, but these are come with a much higher price (vlan €300 more!) And do not offer docking station functions.

• Olivier Frigara

Questions / Answers

Because we enjoyed the power before you ...

"Can we use AirPlay if there is no wireless access point?"
Yes, the iT1air has an access point mode that allows the user to connect directly to the dock. Just hold down the AirPlay button for five seconds to activate.

“Does the station come with a remote control?"
Yes, and it allows you to control all the functions of the station, as well as the bass level. All aluminum, its keys are backlit.

To buy?
Power, sound, bass adjustment, simple AirPlay setup, good spatialization, finish.

Too classic look that lacks originality.





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