Monday, 23 September 2013

MTX iT1air, iX1 and iX2 brought the THUNDER to the IFA 2013

Reproducing the finest tunes with Thundering lows and lightning fast highs.

The IFA Show in Berlin is the biggest consumer electronics show in Europe. The place to showcase the best and hottest products. The IFA2013 show was the second time MTX was present and again like last year we impressed all the visitors with our iT1air docking station, iX1 headphones and iX2 in ear headphones. Never heard before high end quality sound reproduction by a headphone or docking station. 


The iT1air docking station was center stage drawing the attention of every visitor. Packed with a total of 180W RMS power divided over 6 amplifier channels with each channel driving one of the 6 speakers. The first docking station to have serious bass laying the right foundation for any kind of music. Building an incredible soundstage layer by layer, incredible midrange performance topped with crystal clear highs. And by the way this was in a huge exhibition hall (!) imagine the performance and quality when listened to in a normal livingroom!

MTX iX1 headphones just brought a smile onto everybodys face a nice natural fresh breeze blowing through the headphones forest. Finally a pair of on ear headphones with real natural bass, reaching low enough to catch every bass note but with the right attack and accuracy, no boomy boom beats topped of with a twinkle. No matter what was played from Daft Punk to Jan Garbarek the iX1 just plays the music the way the artist intended it.

MTX iX2 in earheadphones might be the smallest in the MTX Streetaudio family but they are packed with features and deliver a BIG high quality sound. The carefull designed rubber ear pads seal of the inner ear close to perfection, part of our noise isolation technology. Inside each earplug there are 2 speakers, 1 dedicated mid and high driver and 1 subwoofer driver. And how does it sound? Just incredible, when you think you have heard everything, when you are dreaming away while listening to the finest and clearest mids and highs you're surprised with a deadly accurate bass response which is best described as 2x 12" papercone high end subwoofers mounted in your backpack.

To all who visited us at the IFA2013 a big thank you for all the great response to the products we presented to you. We will be back at the IFA2014!

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