Monday, 21 September 2015

MTX @ IFA Berlin 2015

September is The rendezvous of consumer electronic freaks. The IFA Berlin show is the equivalent of LasVegas CES in the United States. This year, MTX unveiled numerous new products, again…


- 3 new Class D amplifiers in the TX series.
The TX81000D is a mono block developing 1000W RMS CEA under 2Ω. It is the ideal companion for the superwoofers TX812 or TX815. It is equipped with an active low-pass filter and a subsonic filter. Like its big brother the RFL4001D, it is also equipped with all the settings to work in bridge mode.
The TX6500D is identical to the TX81000D, but with 500W RMS adapted to the TX612/TX615 subwoofers.
The TX480D develops 4x80W RMS into 4Ω. It is suitable for 4 channel or 3 channel applications (two front speakers and one subwoofer/enclosure at the back).
They are all equipped with a thermo-regulated connector for one or more fans. This is very handy when it's 60°C in the car like this summer...
The three amps shine with their cutting edge design and their reduced size (easy to fit anywhere). They will replace the RT amps serie early 2016.
- MUDBTRC : this very practice waterproof Bluetooth receiver and remote control is waterproof. You can keep your cell phone in a safe place while listening and removing your music... It is convenient for motorcycles, bikes, boats or pleasure vehicles like Polaris.
- The powered boxes family is growing : the RTP12x2 reinforces the RTP12. As its reference tells, it is equipped with two 30cm subwoofers and a 300W RMS class-D power amp. The RTP8x3 and RTP8x2 reinforce the RTP8. The power increases linearly with the number of subwoofers : 1sub-120WRMS, 2subs-240WRMS and 3subs-360WRMS ... The amps are all Class-D for more power with less current. All the boxes are equipped with an EBC remote control.
2 new water resistant IP55 amplifiers : WET500.1 (1x500WRMS) and WET75.4 (4x75WRMS). Anti humidity silicone coated PCB, all settings protected by plexiglass, complete active x-over for the most common installation, nothing is missing to protect them from water, salt and sun ...
2 new waterproof speakers: WET65 (16.5cm 65WRMS) and WET77 (19cm 75WRMS). ABS frame, polypropylene cone, Teteron tweeter, rubber surround... Even at the bottom of a pool it continues to make waves...
The new IX3 on-ear headphone was very successful. One-piece soft stainless steel headband, small, lightweight (only 170g) and highly design (it looks like ix1 but thinner)… The predicted price makes waves (80€)... Availability expected early 2016 ...
The iT1mini is very mimi... It is built like the iT1air but half shorter. So, it is more liveable. Inputs are amazing with Airplay, WiFi, DLNA, USB Apple, Android USB, Lightning dock and auxiliary input. The sound quality is amazing too : two wide range front speakers, one active subwoofer and one passive radiator on the sides. It rocks…
The iWa225 "in-wall" amp (2x250WRMS Bluetooth) has now a big brother : The iWa250 (2x50WRMS Wifi Airplay Toslink Aux). Twice more power, it is also infinitely more flexible thanks to its extended connectivity. It is compatible with Airplay, WiFi, DLNA, Toslink and Aux input... You can use the IR remote control or a iOS/Android app to control it.
The iT1air, the iT1mini and the iWa250 can make a powerful home wireless network.

MTX will return for the 2016 IFA edition :)

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