Monday, 17 September 2012

MTX @ IFA Berlin 2012

MTX Street Audio unleashed!

Berlin August 31st - September 5th 2012, IFA Show. The dates and show where MTX had several world premieres! In short it was the introduction of MTX Street Audio. The new breed and branch of MTX Audio, headphones, earbuds, iPod station and portable speaker.

The new MTX iX1 Headphones come in 4 colors: Black, Red/Grey, White/Red and Pink/White. These headphones feature a special designed 40mm paper cone wide range driver and deliver absolute stunning high end sound with lots of detail and of course very rich and balanced bass.

The new MTX iX2 earbuds raise the bar on how a good earbud should sound! Unique is the fact that beside a 5mm mid/high driver each earbud is also fitted with an 8mm bass driver(!), the result: amazing crystal clear sound with detailed and firm bass (as if these little ones are fitted with dual 12" sub drivers!).

The MTX iT1air iPod station is the most serious station to ever be unleashed on the market, fitted with: 2x 130mm subwoofers, 2x 70mm midranges and 2x 20mm tweeters. It is the most powerfull iPod station with 6 amplifier channels and a serious 280W RMS power and including airplay.

Next to the street audio all the new car audio products were on display as well. The complete new TERMINATOR line with Amps, speakers, sub and enclosures. The new RTX RoadTHUNDER EXTREME loudspeakers and recently introduced RT1000.1D and RT500.1D amps, the RT10P powered enclosure. Lots of exciting new products and a great kick off into a new world of sound, the world of MTX STREET AUDIO.

IFA Show 2012 was in one word FANTASTIC and one thing is sure net year we'll be back at the IFA Show 2013!

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